Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Once upon a time in my past life, I was in grad school. This was a really happy time for me. There have been other, happier, more life-changing events since then of course, like - oh, say, getting married and creating two fabulous humans and watching them grow. Little things like that. Even so, if a magic genie gave me the chance to return to just one time of my life - I just might pick my grad school years.

I wasn't an extraordinary student. I wasn't super adventurous or risky. I wasn't especially deep and philosophical. I was simply a normal human, perched on the top of the mountain of her life, gazing out over the vista of possibilities out there. I was young and starting fresh and felt pregnant with the possibilities Those days were like a constant New Year's Eve. I was a blank slate, waiting to be written upon. One good friend of mine described me as a flower, ready to bloom. (This particular friend was very interested in dating me, I should add. It is entirely possible that this description was designed to woo me.) Nevertheless, I liked the description.

Possibilities. That is one of the most beautiful ideas ever.

Why, I wonder, do we leave the purview of Possibilities to the young?

Indeed. This is a question worth thinking about.


Anonymous said...

You can choose to give rebirth to your youthful outlook. In fact, you are in a very time-consuming period with your outlook being manipulated by job, family. When these pass, you can choose to do very little, or pick up where you left off. It doesn't have to be just for the young. Mom

Kanga Jen said...

Yes yes yes, mom!!!! You give me inspiration! I don't want to ever lose my curiosity or stop trying new things. We have to stop thinking that life "starts anew" only when we're young. It does every day!!

Holly Jahangiri said...

Your mom rocks. :) Hi, Jen's mom. We should definitely plan another pre- or post- holiday lunch. I could use some of this "inspiration" myself!